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HOME 4 YOU COSTA DEL SOL is a family company with an established position on the real estate market. Since 2008, we have been advising everyone who wants to sell, buy or rent real estate.
We start our cooperation with an in-depth analysis of the client's needs. For buyers, the most important factors are the budget, the size of the property and, of course, the location. We will help clients who want to sell their property to determine the best price based on the prices of similar properties and the expected return on investment and sales pace. The next stage of cooperation varies depending on the client's expectations.
The company participates in numerous training courses, expanding its knowledge and acquiring new skills to guarantee the highest quality of services. Our actions are guided by the code of professional ethics and respect for the principles of fair competition.
The main directions of our activities are:
1. Mediation in the sale, purchase and rental of real estate in Spain in the Costa Del Sol region.
2. Consulting on the real estate market. The comprehensiveness of services provided by our company is created in cooperation with the best notary offices, property appraisers, law firms, banks and developers.
3. Advice on obtaining a mortgage loan from Spanish banks.
4. Long-term and short-term real estate rental. 

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